When we were

When we were little, still so little, Before velvet Christmas dresses Before tap shoes When our mothers were our galaxy, our milky way, our entire pattycake universe; And Little Golden Books were our imaginations’ kitten-fuzzy playgrounds; When we pulled up the fronts of our dresses Just as the photos were being taken, not out of […]

Covid-19 Movie Titles

Ferris Bueller’s Year OffWhen Harry Met Sally Through the PlexiglassDie Hard (no parody title required)Groundhog Day (ditto)Apocalypse Now (ditto again)12 Angry Men Refuse to Wear MasksAll The President’s Yes MenThe Lyin’ KingRaging BullshitBig Trouble In Little WuhanEternal Washing of the Spotless HandsEternal Bleaching of the Spotless MindLonely Taxi DriverGood Will Hunting for a VaccineRear Window […]

INTERIORS: A show within a show

I’m honoured to be joining Edmonton writers Cathy Hodgson, Kerry Mulholland and Amy Willans for an evening of poetry on Wednesday, Aug. 8 (7 p.m., McMullen Gallery, U of A Hospital) surrounded and inspired by beautiful, haunting new work by artist Gillian Willans. Interiors is presented by Friends of University Hospitals and also features music by harpist Bev Ross. […]