Outside the lines

Make A Joyful Noise, acrylic on cavas, 36×36 by Laurie MacFayden 2021

“MacFayden’s paintings are all about gestures, paint texture and explosions of colour.  Some have a post-impressionist landscape feel, while others are full-on abstract expressionist in style. She talks about her work ‘going where the colours take (her),’ a sentiment that perfectly describes the freshness of the paintings as well as their boundless and infectious energy.”

— Gilbert Bouchard, Edmonton Journal

“The whole point of making art is to touch the heart.
It should have breath and a pulse.
Whether it invokes feelings of joy, love, beauty,
sorrow, despair, even moral outrage…
art should make you feel something.

— Laurie MacFayden

“Thank you so much for creating the beautiful painting
I purchased from you this summer. Every day it brings
energy and movement and beauty into our home.

— Maureen, Edmonton, 2019
prairie field, acrylic on canvas, 16×20, laurie macfayden 2019