Covid-19 Movie Titles

Ferris Bueller’s Year Off
When Harry Met Sally Through the Plexiglass
Die Hard (no parody title required)
Groundhog Day (ditto)
Apocalypse Now (ditto again)
12 Angry Men Refuse to Wear Masks
All The President’s Yes Men
The Lyin’ King
Raging Bullshit
Big Trouble In Little Wuhan
Eternal Washing of the Spotless Hands
Eternal Bleaching of the Spotless Mind
Lonely Taxi Driver
Good Will Hunting for a Vaccine
Rear Window (Wave at Grandma through the)
Titanic Ineptitude
Wayne’s Basement World
Bleach Your Toy Story
The Loneliness of the Social-Distance Runner
Desperately Seeking Hand Sanitizer
Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying
and Love the War On Haircuts
The Zoom Breakfast Club
Schindler’s List of Toilet Paper Hoarders
2020: A Six-Foot-Space Odyssey
Dirty Distancing
The Shining Up Your Butt
Christmas Baby Boom
There’s Something Hairy About Mary
Close Encounters of the Non-Essential Kind
The Virtual Graduate
Raiders of the Last Pack of TP
National Lampoon’s Staycation
National Lampoon’s Vaccination