Sound Spiritus: An Evening of Words & Music

ArtSpirit Festival 2014 Tuesday, May 27, 7:30 pm Savour the interplay of text and music in performance with a roster of River City’s celebrated poets and musicians Host: Kathy Fisher Featuring former Raving Poets frontmen Mark Kozub and Mike Gravel; Laurie MacFayden; Nancy MacKenzie; Cliff Therou; Suite Tweet – a recorder/classical guitar ensemble with Donna Mae […]

‘thank you, this is the worst thing i’ve read’

Spam, wonderful spam! I just got a lovely gift from someone named “buymicrosoftoffice2011” who clearly made a big booboo (or not) and instead of launching one random option from the Worldwide Fake Comment Generator in Spatherdab’s direction, unleashed ALL of the fake comments from Yoda’s House of Interweb Praise and Pain. I’m particularly fond of […]