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  1. But Ms Spatherdab: there are eight of them! 1) What can this mean, and 2) “Group of Eight” doesn’t have quite the same resonance.

    1. Ms Gummer: Had you taken off your ‘devil’s advocate’ hat and put on your ‘I need to know everything’ hat and done a bit of research, as I know you are wont to do, you would have quickly learned that Tom Thomson was never a member of the ICONIC gang of Canadian landscape painters known as the Group of Seven.
      However, we will allow you a bit of, ahem, latitude: “Though he died before they formally formed, Thomson is sometimes incorrectly credited as being a member of the group itself. [..] The members still considered him one of the group’s founders. In his essay The Story of the Group of Seven, Lawren Harris wrote that Thomson was ‘a part of the movement before we pinned a label on it’.”

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