Wet Your Eyes

The Poetry of Water

Consider what water represents to you – symbolically, elementally, metaphorically – when viewing The Poetry of Water, a solo exhibition of 24 of my paintings currently on display at the Kaasa Gallery, lower level of Edmonton’s Jubilee Auditorium.

flower petal lagoon, acrylic on wood panel

Water refreshes. It has the power to calm us, cleanse us, mesmerize us and, literally, buoy us. Fundamentally, it quenches our thirst; we could not survive on this planet without it.

We talk of healing waters, and of still waters running deep. Water can also have powerful negative/destructive connotations: drowning, flooding, the turbulence of stormy seas, tidal waves, etc. In Jungian dream analysis, water represents intuition, emotion and the depths of the unconscious. Water can also symbolize the womb, amniotic life, the fetal period. In alchemy terms, it is the source of everything: prima materia. The source of water is the source of Life.

The wetness continues through mid-August.

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