so much depends

kasbar-layne2.jpgso much depends

read at the kasbar, dec. 6, 2006

(a love poem to all my poet friends — and a thank-you to some very talented people — in particular william carlos williams — because so much of what we do depends upon what came before.)

so much depends upon
the women who come and go
the cloud that floats on high
all the sad captains
a good kitchen knife

so much depends upon
the lovely, dark and deep
brandy and summer gloves
the time of the cherries
a brillig tum-tum lunar eclipse

so much depends upon
wild geese
the west wind
fishing in the morning
promises to keep

so much depends upon
a red, red rose
your sweet old et cetera
the vorpal sword
j.d.’s big bright light

o frabjous day, so much depends upon
the leaping greenly spirits of trees
two roads diverging
tea and oranges that come all the way from china
amy’s 10,000 drums of hope.

so much depends upon
the shell shaped like a heart
the raving keenly wordsmiths
gravel’s great thumping city in civil twilight
… on the blessed, blessed words.


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