cat’s diary

Humans are a foreign species. A distinctly separate, fascinating breed. They do things so differently. It’s my job to help my human get more in touch with her inner animal — but she is reluctant to learn the ways of the wild. She owns a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves, but she’s […]

memory bank

overdrawn i cannot remember any of my mother’s native tongue my father’s favourite tie or my sister’s reasons for hoarding i cannot remember what i had for breakfast or anything you may have said the morning after we got married i cannot remember when i stopped playing the piano or when i started letting myself […]

crimes of fashion

According to an Associated Press story out of Baton Rouge, a bill that would have made it a crime for people to wear their pants too low in public has been rejected by a panel of the Louisiana state senate. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Derrick Shepherd, would have made it illegal to wear clothing […]

home again

what a country. the drive from toronto to edmonton is horrible. at least that’s what i always thought, based on the first time i drove it back in march of 1980. but i was only 22 then, and … well, it turns out i didn’t know anything at that age. in fact, the drive this […]

somehow the world

superman’s dead and so, now, is moses and cool hand luke and our brokeback fantasy along with, some might suggest, every soothing shade of blue that ever used to exist and somehow the world still turns they’re building another ice rink in this frozen shinny-obsessed city but new orleans is still under water and well-intentioned […]