Welcome to the new lauriemacfayden.com

Ripples, River Reeds

It’s been a long time coming, but here she is, the new web home of all things me, myself and I.

I’ve had a handful of blog sites here and there and thither and yon since, well, since I can’t remember how far back. But a refit on LM.com was definitely overdue. Particularly for the Visual Arts component. Under the Art menu you’ll find a main Paintings page with examples of my newer work; and a Photography page for images I’d like to put on canvas — but haven’t gotten around to yet — as well as some quirky, stand-alone shots.

There’s a Writing section with a Books category, including news of readings and other literary events; and a Poetry hangout where new work will be showcased, as well as some older (but not necessarily wiser) poems.

There’s also a new Travel section, where you’ll find photos and scribblings as I navigate the roads less travelled after more than three decades of swearing profusely in various newsrooms in Alberta and Ontario.

Friends of my longtime blog site, Spatherdab, will recall that it used to be its own entity, unrelated to lauriemacfayden.com; just floating lazily around the WordPress universe. It was the place where I hung vents, rants, bits of news, pithy comments, the occasional quote o’ the day, and an even more occasional haiku. If you’re reading this, the old Spatherdab is no longer with us … but its brand new version lives on as part of this new scaffolding.

A few rooms are still under construction, and the paint’s still wet, but the coffee’s on. Have a look around. Let me know what you think.